Posted by: Cindy Downes | June 1, 2007

College Algebra Help and more!

I found a few resource for learning Algebra that I am using to help me to study for my College Algebra class. Some of these are more for younger algebra students. Check them out at:

  1. College Cram.
  2. CollegeAlgebraTutorial.
  3. Free e-books from XP-Math featured on Sites for Teachers. This site includes math study guides, math textbooks, and more.
  4. Free math videos! Math & Music, Donald in Mathmagicland, and more!
  5. Free Algebra worksheets for practice.
  6. Interactive Mathematics, Learn while you play with it! Includes Algebra, Money Math, Trigonometry, Graphs, Complex Numbers, Counting & Probability, Calculus, and Higher Calculus. Also includes free graph paper in Acrobat Reader format for easy downloading and printing!�

They’re free!



  1. Thank you so much it seems I have forgoten every thing useful you are a blessing !!!congraytulations !!,and blessig for your future endeverse

  2. One of the best math video tutorial i’ve seen. you may want to check it out.

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