Posted by: Cindy Downes | June 10, 2007

Homework, Class Project & Other School Activities

I spent 1/2 day Friday and Saturday working on homework and studying. I’ve got to do some studying now, too, as my day is going to be too busy to get much more in today. And Monday, I am volunteering at church and doing a hospice visit.

I’m actually enjoying the homework, but it is hard work. I had two chapters to read in Speech, a mini speech to prepare, and lots of problems in Algebra, as well as my own Algebra study to get me up to date. I think at this age, it’s especially hard to remember everything. I have to take notes as I read my textbooks in order to retain what I read. But that’s a benefit when all said and done as I then have notes to study for quizzes. We have a quiz every day in Speech and every other week in Algebra.

I have to give a speech in Speech class on Tuesday. We have to introduce another member of the class. My partner is a petite, 19-year old, African-America girl named Ashley. She’s so thin I could fit three of her in my jeans! That’s depressing!

However, I am working on my health, too. I had a physical assessment at the college gym on Thursday (I was way out of shape!) and they are developing a program to get me back into shape. I start on Tuesday working on some kind of eleptical? machine. If I can control my eating, I might lose weight!

So far I like my teachers. I have Tony Nelson for Algebra and Mrs. Marinell Scott-Hall for Speech (Mrs. Hall for short). Mr. Nelson is very funny and makes the kids laugh. He’s in his mid-40’s (still young!) and seems to enjoy teaching. He explains the problems well but tends to go off on tangents with various stories. I guess that’s good and bad – he keep the kids interest but I would prefer more teaching because I am SO far behind! We have a test this week so I’ll know then if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew!

My Speech teacher is pleasant. She enjoys speech and has already given me lots of info I will use to help me speak better. This course will be very helpful to me for my career and lifestyle. Algebra, I don’t see much use for other than it helps me keep my mind sharp and think logically.

I found out you can go on to see how other students like a teacher. Very interesting comments!


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