Posted by: Cindy Downes | June 11, 2007

A Relaxing Sunday

I really enjoyed this Sunday – no home work! Instead, I enjoyed visiting my friends, eating lots of good food, going to church, and taking an afternoon nap!

My hubbie and I ate lunch with our friends, Wayne and Linda & John and Pat. We ate at First Watch, a restaurant here in Tulsa that is perfect for us boomer-age folk. The atmosphere is quiet, nice music in the background, the food is excellent and the prices are great. Try it out sometime.

Later that day, my hubbie and I went to Charles and Akemi’s for dinner with some other good friends, John and Sandy, Jim and Karen, Linda, Melanie, Novell, and Joann. The food there was even better – all home made. Akemi made a scrumptious lasagne, Jim made his famous salad, and the others brought equally yummy food including cheesecake! I made a cranberry, nut, jello salad.

I know, I can’t lose weight that way. That’s the trouble with us Methodists – we get together and eat too much!

Today, it’s back to the races. This morning I am going to church to volunteer; then to Marie’s, my hospice patient. This afternoon, it’s back to the books! I have a speech to give tomorrow, a quiz, and Algebra homework to review for a test this week.



  1. Aunt Cindy,

    A good day off from homework is always a good idea! It’s the only way to stay motivated enough to do the homework all the other days! I certainly don’t miss those days at all!


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