Posted by: Cindy Downes | July 15, 2007

Advice for future college students.

My College Algebra teacher said that OSU, business owners, and other colleges are looking for students who have had more math problem solving experience rather than calculator experience. They said that too many freshman are coming into college who can make a “calculator dance” but have no ability to reason.

I can tell you that that is even true for taking algebra in college. DON’T rely on your calculator! There is a lot of word problems and logic involved in today’s algebra. Many of the kids in the class who had only learned to rely on their calculators either failed, dropped the course, or tried to cheat their way through.

My advice: Take some logic courses and use a high school algebra textbook that is full of word problems where the student must reason through the answer. This will not only make your child a better student, but a better employee making BIGGER bucks!


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