Posted by: Cindy Downes | August 3, 2007

Advisor Day!

I went to my advisor this week to make sure I was on track for next semester and am I glad I did!

OSU had finally plugged all my old 1960-70 courses into their “calculator” and come up with what credits were going to be used for what. I had 94 credits going in from the University of Delaware. OSU is accepting 44 of them towards my Journalism Degree. My degree requires 123 credits to graduate.

BUT, there’s a trick to that 123. A certain number of them have to be upper level, one has to have an International Dimension, some have to be specifically humanities or business, etc. For example: I have to earn 17 credits in science but not in the same field of science. I had already taken Chemistry and Organic Chemistry at U of Del, but because both were in chemistry, only one counts towards my major in Journalism. So now I have to take two more sciences! Little things like that will really play tricks with your credits.

In addition to all that, you have to keep in mind that you must have so many credits from the college you graduate from. Therefore, you may have to take extra classes just to get the required number of credits! I am just squeaking by with the required 30 credits at OSU, but mainly because so many of my credits from U of Del don’t count.

I also asked if my GPA would be based on ALL my classes or just the ones in my major and the bad news is: it will be based on ALL my classes. SO, I will never live down my terrible grades at the University of Delaware! As a matter of fact, I discovered that until I bring my GPA up to 2.5, I can’t even get into the school of journalism here at OSU! So my first goal is to get a lot of A’s to bring that GPA up!

So this semester, I am taking the two prerequisites I need to get into the other journalism classes: Writing for Mass Media and Intro to Mass Communication, as well as Elementary Statistics (required for my major) and a course called Symbolic Logic, an upper level course which will count as one of my sciences.

Whew! I would never have figured that out on my own! Make sure you take advantage of your advisor!

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