Posted by: Cindy Downes | August 18, 2007

Textbooks – Be Prepared for a Jolt!

I’m taking four classes this semester: (TCC) Elementary Statistics, Intro to Mass Media (honors class), Writing for Mass Media, and (OSU) Symbolic Logic. My tuition for TCC was $784. I still have to pay for my OSU class which will be around $375. The cost of my textbooks for these classes was $489! The bottom line: When preparing for college – keep in mind that the textbooks are a major cost. In my case, almost 1/2 of my tuition. Just doesn’t seem right.

I checked in to the rental idea from the comment below, but (1) my Elementary Statistic textbook and Intro to Mass Comm books were too new – no rentals were available, (2) Amazon listed my Logic book used for almost the same price as renting ($44.95 buy used; $36.38 to rent). At least I can sell my used back and get some money for it. Just a thought!



  1. Hey all, just rent your textbooks at What is 489 can be rented for less than 200! You rent the books, keep them for the semester, you can highlight and then return using the free shipping label. Pretty cool stuff!

  2. Wow, this is a great idea–renting textbooks. I think they should just put all your books on 1 DVD and charge you $20 bucks. Hmmmm. Good luck and I wish you success. 🙂

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