Posted by: Cindy Downes | August 21, 2007

What’s worse than textbooks?

College fees! I nearly had a heart attack yesterday. I went to pay my OSU tuition for ONE class – It was $696.17! $358.50 was for tuition and $330.17 for FEES!

I asked if the fees were per semester thinking that maybe I should take more than one class to get the most for my money. No, the fees are per class! For 18 credit hours, I will pay $1500+ in FEES! And this is at a PUBLIC COLLEGE where you think you can afford to go.

Now, we know why there is such a big gap between those who can go to college and those who do not. It’s not just the tuition – it’s the textbooks and fees. Unless you are smart enough or poor enough to get a scholarship OR rich enough to afford it, most middle class people in this country will not be able to go to college. I guess it’s time to homeschool college, too!



  1. Oh, I hear ya! The fees are ridiculous, even at the Jr College I attend. My tutition and fees for this semester were over $1200! Fortunately, my student loan paid for that before I even saw the money. The books were just as bad! I remember the $120 German textbook one of my sons bought for his freshman year of college, and I thank my lucky stars that I haven’t had to pay those kinds of prices for book (he did go to a 4 yr school, so that may be part of the reason for the outrageous prices).

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