Posted by: Cindy Downes | October 15, 2007

Women in Communication Meeting

One of the things I like about my Intro to Mass Communication class is that our professor encourages us to attend media-related functions in the community. This week, I had the privilege of attending the Association of Women in Communication’s monthly meeting at the Philbrook Museum. One of the perks of attending was the scrumptious lunch they served! I highly recommend eating at the Philbrook!

The speaker for this month’s meeting was Stan Whiteford, a spokesman from PSO. He talked to us about “Crisis Communication” and the need to develop a plan for communicating during a crisis.

He began his talk with the definition of a “crisis” for PSO. It is an unforeseen set of circumstances which has an unplanned, unforeseen, significant impact on on the company. He gave examples such as dealing with rate hikes to responding to power outages from the recent ice storm. He also explained how media coverage can sometimes cause an event to move from news to a “crisis.”

The plan the PSO starts with examining what you do, who you communicate with on a regular basis, and who you communicate with in a crisis situation. Your plan should clearly state the matrix of roles and responsibilities in every department. It should include a list of goals in a crisis. The goals for PSO are:

• Communicate
• Demonstrate Concern
• Maintain Credibility

He also cautioned us to keep our plan updated as employees are added.

After the meeting, I was able to meet with the President of AWC, Nicole Nascenzi, who advised me that a college must be a four-year college in order to organize a student chapter of AWM; however, we are free to attend at any time for a slightly reduced rate – $14 instead of $20, which includes lunch.

I then met with representatives of OSU who told me that Tulsa currently does not have enough students enrolled in Journalism/PR to organize a student chapter of AWM or PRSA. However, they are considering trying to organize one of them if they have enough students interested. I am hoping to follow this up next semester.

I enjoyed networking and hearing a public relations expert share his experiences at a large corporation. I also enjoyed having lunch with my fellow students, Crystal and Amanda.



  1. We are so glad you were able to attend and we hope you decide to join us! Please let me know if you need any other membership information.

    Nicole Nascenzi
    AWC Tulsa president

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