Posted by: Cindy Downes | October 16, 2007

Did I tell you I HATE Statistics?

At least this class. I think I could like the subject, but this class is driving me insane! The teacher is extremely smart, but he doesn’t teach so that I can understand it. Every day, I come out wondering how I am going to “get” this subject.

I bought Statistics for Dummies and a workbook to work through. That is helping a little. Even though he doesn’t assign any homework, I try to do at least all the odd problems in each chapter to practice what I read. (Only have answers for the odd ones.) I’ve watched videos online, too. But I’m just not getting it.

I went to the Math lab for help, but their hours don’t coincide with my schedule. I’ve been told I can go to the SE campus, but I just don’t have time this semester to do that.

Today, my two partners, James and Brittney, met with me at Panera Bread to work on our project. We worked for three hours and came up with only a partial solution. None of us could figure it out. James is going to the SE campus to see what he can find out for us. We have to have this done and take a test on Tuesday.


  1. I am taking statistics along with my wife and daughter this semester to. WE are using Triola’s book.

  2. I go to City College of NY and I failed the subject last semester. Now I am retaking the class in the summer (not a good idea, it’s too intense for only 4 weeks) and I still am not doing well. I am going into the final with a 72%. This class makes me feel stupid. This is very difficult for me. I feel your pain, believe me. I too am older. I’m a 33 yr old senior. Good luck!!!!

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