Posted by: Cindy Downes | December 13, 2007

Finals Week

Finals Week has been a real adventure here in Oklahoma. We had an ice storm which closed down TCC all week. OSU stayed open and gave finals as planned; however, many of us, including myself, were unable to get to our class because of the ice, so I did not take the final.

I was out of electricity from Monday to late Wednesday night. (Lost everything in my refrigerator. It was freezing cold in the house and DARK!) Some were worse off and are still out of electricity (it’s now Thursday evening). No electricity; no email; no internet. Totally cut off. The only reason I kept in touch was that I could access the school website and email through my iphone. (Love the iphone!)

The bottom line is that my Logic teacher is going to use my grades so far. (I have an A so that’s not a problem.) My Statistics teacher has given an optional final exam (take home) or will use our grades so far. (I’m inclined to go with the so far because after looking at the final, I don’t think I can endure one more day of this class! I’ll get a B probably.) My Intro to Mass Communication class is giving a “discussion board” final. (I think I’ll pass and that’s all I care about.) I haven’t heard from my Writing for Mass Media teacher.

So, instead of being done as planned on Wednesday, I’m still in school – drats! I did take time today to totally clean out my refrigerator with bleach and get some groceries in the house. I also did a little Christmas decorating.


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