Posted by: Cindy Downes | January 7, 2008

Language Exam for PR

I just finished my Language exam – it was HARD! The sentences were very long and complicated. There were 50 questions with four, multiple-choice answers. Often, one of the choices was, “correct as written.”

I think I passed; however, it’s hard to be sure. There were several questions that I definitely did not know, so I eliminated the answers I knew were wrong and guessed. Hopefully, I guessed enough right to pass.

At least now I know what to expect if I have to take it again. For those of you who have not taken it, be sure to practice the quizzes on the newsroom101 site. It is very helpful and I know if I had had more time, I feel sure I would have passed it. As it is, I am hopeful. I should know by Wednesday.

NOTE: Dr. Stan Ketterer, who administered the test, told me about a resource created by him and Dave Feldman of the San Diego Union-Tribune. It’s called Band-Aid Stylebook and is a summary of the most commonly used items in the Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual. This should also be helpful. Thank you, Dr. Ketterer!

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