Posted by: Cindy Downes | January 14, 2008

Get a Job! – Tulsa, OK

Whether you need cash now or you’re looking towards graduation in the spring, it’s time to start asking, “How am I going to get a job?”

“The job market is tough,” says Euwanda Sayles, Career Placement Advisor at Metro Campus, “and it’s competitive.” Many people with excellent skills and years of experience are looking for work and that makes it “difficult for students to get into their fields.”

The Career Services centers, located on each TCC campus, can help. Experienced career counselors will help you learn about yourself and the current job market, as well as help you prepare for a job search. The counseling service and resources are free to currently enrolled students.

You may also enroll in a one-credit hour, independent-study course called The Career Exploration Program (CAR 1011), at current tuition rates. This program is self-paced and individualized. At your first appointment, you’ll meet with a career counselor to determine your specific needs. Then, using the career testing services provided by the Center, you’ll assess your interests, abilities and job-related values. You’ll explore college majors and discover what jobs you can do with those majors. You’ll learn about the current job market — what jobs are available, as well as what pay and work conditions to expect. You’ll even prepare a professional resume, participate in a mock interview, and look for specific job openings.

Career Services centers offer workshops throughout the year. Information on these workshops can be found on flyers posted on campus and on the Career Services webpage.

And each April, Career Services sponsors a Job Fair where students interview with potential employees from all over the country. The Fair rotates among the campuses.

The assistance and resources provided by the Career Services centers will not only help you to find part-time or full-time work, but they will also help you internships and apprenticeships.

For more information about the services of your campus Career Services center, visit their Web site. You may call for an appointment or simply stop in.

Metro Campus: 595-7109
Northeast Campus: 595-7527
Southeast Campus: 595-7609
West Campus: 595-8176


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