Posted by: Cindy Downes | January 26, 2008

Research Papers!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written academic papers and I have several due this semester! I’m currently working on a two-page paper on a public relations pioneer of my choice. I chose George Creel from World War I era. I have two more papers to write for public relations class and a 10-page term paper on the criminal justice system of India and another paper on transnational computer crimes to write for my criminal justice class.

Researching is a lot different than it was in the ’60s! I used to depend on books. Now, most books and academic journals are digitized. I’m not too good at locating this information yet. However, the research librarian at OSU was very helpful and I found quite a few resources. I even found a couple of books.

I discovered my problem with the short papers is that I research too much. I’m supposed to have a two-page paper, double spaced for this pioneer paper, but I’ve already got five pages. It’s time to learn how to get the most words for the buck!

I did discover two helpful online resources:

Citation Machine (helps you figure out how to format your citations in any of several styles)

The Owl at Purdue (information on writing in MLA style)

Hope they are helpful to you.


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