Posted by: Cindy Downes | February 2, 2008

Tests and Papers

I had my first test in Comparative Criminal Justice Systems on Thursday night. It was snowing and I almost didn’t go! But I did and I’m glad I did because now that is over and I can start other things. I finished in an hour – 20 multiple choice and six short essay questions. I think I did fine. It was open book, but you really had to have read the book and kept good notes to do well in the time that we had.

I also submitted the draft of my first paper for Public Relations this week. The assignment was to write a two-page essay on a public relations pioneer. I selected George Creel who was appointed by President Wilson to run the Committee of Public Information in World War I. It was an interesting assignment. Creel was amazing at what he accomplished, even thought it was controversial. I like the fact that my teacher lets us submit a draft first, especially when I’m so new at AP style and I didn’t have much practice in my AP style class last semester.


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