Posted by: Cindy Downes | February 10, 2008

Online Classes

I’ve decided that I love online classes. I get up early – sometimes 3:30 or so; so I can go online, find out my homework and get started on it before it’s even light out! In the time that I would normally spend traveling to school (1 hour round trip) and being in class (3 hours per week), I can have a major part of my work done.

The problems are:

    Not getting the assignments soon enough or accurately. We’ve had some issues with the assignments from last semester still being on bulletin board causing some confusion as to what the assignments for the week actually were. Mostly, though, the assignments are up early in the week so I can get started early.

    If you’re not disciplined, you’ll wait to the last minute. This usually doesn’t happen to me as I like to get my work done early so I can do other things the rest of the week. But, I’ve seen it happen to a lot of the students enrolled in this class – as a matter of fact, the majority are that way.

    I have no idea what is going to be on this test. We have to go to the testing center for our tests. Unlike in a regular class where the teacher says “We’ll cover this and this etc.,” we have no idea what will be on the test. So studying for this might be a challenge. She did give us a study guide. Hopefully, that is what will be covered. I have a test this week so I’ll write more after the test.

    There is a lot of writing, but I love to write so that’s not a problem for me! I’m sure it might be for others. If you don’t like to write, don’t take an online course!

    Finally, you do miss the interaction with the other “kids.” I really enjoyed that during my previous two semesters and I do miss it a bit. However, it’s been a blessing to spend more time with my husband this semester. So, being married, it’s not that big of problem.


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