Posted by: Cindy Downes | February 10, 2008

Rent Textbooks?

Sounds like a great idea, but, is it working? A Web site called Chegg is advertising that it rents textbooks to college students. It says on their Web site that you can save 80%.  So I looked up my textbooks, but none of the ones I am currently using were available for rent. Then I did a general search of what was available in American History and College Algebra. Most of the books were outdated. I found very few 2007 books. This may be a good source eventually, but at this point, I didn’t find it usable. I’ll check back in a month or two.

In addition, according to their Web site, they’re green: “. . . Chegg is committed to preserving our forests by planting a tree for every textbook rented.”



  1. Use it’s not renting but you can at least buy your textbooks cheaper.

  2. Diane’s right! I checked it out myself and got some good deals. Thanks Diane!

  3. I like
    They let you rent textbooks or buy them. You can see all of the prices on one page. You can also elect to rent some books and buy others all on the same transaction! I find that if you aren’t going to save more than $20 on a book, it typically makes more sense to just buy it…

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