Posted by: Cindy Downes | March 7, 2008

What a day!

Yesterday, I went to the Phi Theta Kappa meeting to see what that is all about. I did join, although I probably won’t get much benefit out of it at this time of my life! But the prestige is fun – imagine me – a stay-at-home mom for almost 40 years and just now getting into an honor society!

While there, I got talking to some of the other students about degrees, etc. and discovered I might be able to get an Associates Degree on the way to my Bachelors. So I went down to the Advisors officer and discovered that I was four classes, a highschool transcript, and a college transcript away from my Associates Degree. One of the classes was Computer Concepts which I don’t need for OSU. I didn’t want to have to pay for and take another class so the advisor told me I could test out of it. I thought, why not? I’ve been on computers since the 80’s. So I went down and took the test.

What I didn’t realize until I started the test was that it was Windows based. (I know – I should have known.) I have been on Macintosh all my life. So I stumbled my way through Word, Access, Powerpoint, and Excel questions. I do use Word, Powerpoint, and Exel on the Mac so I was more intelligent guessing on those. Access – I have no clue. BUT, I managed to get a 86 so I passed!

Now I have to get that transcript sent. I graduated in 1968 from Lewes High School. It has now consolidated into Henlopen High School. All the old records are on microfiche in the town library. It took me four months last time to get one. And the lady who worked there wasn’t too happy about doing it. But, I’m so close to getting that degree, I’m going to call her again!

After I got home, I was a bit sad that I took the test on a whim. I didn’t get an A. Now I’ve messed up my 4.0 that I had! That’s my biggest disappointment! I also have to watch that that doesn’t make my GPA go too low for OSU. I have to get A’s this semester again or I might be in trouble.

If you are a current student, whatever you do, DON”T let you GPA get low. You will suffer for it later!


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