Posted by: Cindy Downes | March 10, 2008

Another Problem for Public Education – College

This semester, I’ve been enrolled in an online course at TCC. I love the work. I know the teacher knows her subject. The assignments are helpful in learning the material.

The problem is that the teacher is also an employee for the school and her time is stretched far too thin. Because of that, she is not able to put into the class what she needs to. There is also a problem with the Bulletin Board system which causes a great deal of confusion to the students on what the assignments are for the week. Our questions remain unanswered for days, and apparently, she does not see the same thing we see on the Bulletin Board because when she answers the questions, it does not totally clear up the situation.

It appears that the teachers at TCC have very little time to spend on teaching the courses. From what I have heard, they receive a very small payment for teaching the class. They mostly all have other jobs and only do this for extra money or in hopes of getting on full time as a teacher (which I understand is getting rarer and rarer). Because they are working their other jobs, they are unable to put into the class what they need to.

As a student who pays her own tuition and has a job, I understand their problem, but I resent the lack of academic professionalism represented by a school who would allow this type of behavior. The solution is to hire qualified teachers to teach full time. Our teachers don’t need other jobs. Of course we all know the answer they will give to this: they don’t have enough money to pay them. If we pay them more, our taxes will go up.

I guess we will eventually have to homeschool college to get an adequate education. It seems that it’s the only cost-effective way to learn!

UPDATE: I just read in my PR textbook that corporate support is what education needs. Now this I totally agree with. Why not use some of that wealth to help educate those who need educating, especially in the basics: reading, writing and arithmetic. The support needs to come with more than just money. We need people to help in the classrooms.


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