Posted by: Cindy Downes | April 3, 2008

My First PR Plan!

Our final project for Introduction to Public Relations is a PR Plan for an organization that has currently been in the news. We are to use the Single Use plan discussed on pg. 113 of our Textbook, Public Relations: The Profession and the Practice. Here’s how I am going about it. I will add to this as I complete the plan. Any suggestions are welcome!

Step 1: My first step was to decide on a current organization or issue that I would use. I did a search on local news websites and came up with about five different topics in which I was interested. Eventually, I decided on doing my plan using Tulsa Academic Center (TAC) as the organization and issue. There has been a lot of controversy about this school in the recent news relating to a lawsuit filed by the principal and issues about student safety.

Step 2: My next step was to do some research on the school and the issues. I used the internet to locate several local news articles on TAC and the recent controversy. I went on the Tulsa Public School Web site to find a mission statement and any press releases they had on the issue. Unfortunately, none were posted and there was no postings at all about the TAC controversy. I did download some board meeting notes related to TAC; however, none included recent information about TAC. I have put both Web sites in my RSS feed so that I can continue to monitor them for new information. I then went on the OK State Department of Education Web site and downloaded information about TPS test scores. Not sure if I’ll need these.

Step 3: My next step was to read through all this information and figure out where to go from here. After reading through the press releases and news articles. I found one press release from TPS. I’ve started some notes with a section for a timeline of events, a list of schools involved, a list of people involved (and potential stakeholders), notes on the original goals of the TAC program, and a list of improvements that the board has suggested in light of this controversy.

Step 4: Keeping in mind the goal of public relations is to build positive relationships with consumers, suppliers, competitors, and other publics, my next step is to determine the goals in relation to TAC’s mission statement and think about objectives for my campaign. I am also going to research more legislation and advocacy groups that are going to affect TAC. I discovered in my research that there are some legal issues arising from this crisis.

Note from my teacher on my plans so far: Cindy, sound like you are being thorough. The keys to a strong public relations plan are research, selecting the audiences and creating effective and/or creative strategies and tactics for each. As you work on this plan, keep in mind the students, they are probably the key audience. (emphasis mine – to keep in mind!)

Step 5: I wasn’t sure what a good plan looked like so I went to the PRSA Web site. I don’t have a membership so much of the site is not available; however, I was able to search the Silver Anvil winners and discovered a great place to look at winning PR plans. I read through these and jotted down some ideas that I am going to incorporate in my plan.

Step 6: Finished it and sent it off! Waiting for my grade now.

Later posting: I got my grade – 96! Hooray!

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