Posted by: Cindy Downes | May 12, 2008

Two more A’s!

I got A’s in both Public Relations and Comparative Justice Systems. Now, I’m in the CLEP mode. I have to CLEP American History and American Government this summer and then I am done my Associates Degree!

I’m going to CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications first, as practice and to meet a requirement for my Bachelor’s degree. I think this will be easier for me to CLEP. I’ve been using that InstantCert site and it’s helping a lot. 

That will leave me only one class at TCC – Advertising and the remainder of my classes at OSU. I will have 30 credits left after summer – all in my major. I can only do two a semester as my retired husband wants me home more. I have to cook a special diet for him as he is allergic to milk (just got the news). I have a home business to run. So, it will be May 2011 when I’m done! 

IF I can do it, so can you!



  1. Congratulations!

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