Posted by: Cindy Downes | May 13, 2008

My First CLEP Test!

Today, I took my first CLEP test – Information Systems and Computer Applications. and passed! I got a 58. I’ve been told this is equivalent to a B but I’m not sure. I wanted to do better but at least I passed.

I studied for about 10 hours because I thought I knew a lot about computers. The test I tookon computer concepts at TCC on Computer Concepts was easy – I took it with no studying and got 86. But the CLEP test was MUCH HARDER! It had more networking questions and even questions about programming that I was no way familiar with. The InstantCert tutor did help and was worth the $20 but it did not cover all the topics included on this CLEP. 

After I got home, I looked on and discovered this list of topics covered in each test. I will review this before taking the next one!

I’m relieved that I passed and I saved $600 in tuition and textbooks as well as three months of classwork. So for that I’m grateful. I wish I could have gotten a higher grade, but my husband says that’s just my perfectionism coming out. CLEPs are pass/fail! 


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