Posted by: Cindy Downes | May 15, 2008

Studying for CLEP Tests: Early American History I

I found several resources for this CLEP test: 

Free University Project – a free resource that takes you step by step through the CLEP and includes videos! This is especially good for getting an overall picture of American History. Because you can read the transcript while you are viewing the videos, this meets all learning styles – read/write, auditory, and visual. 

CLEP: History of the United States I by Research and Education Association. This not only prepares you for what’s on the test but also provides three practice exams with answers and scoring information. Excellent.

EZ-101: American History to 1877 by Barron’s. I like this one because it gives me quick review of important facts. I use it in the car or when waiting for appointment!

Painless American History by Curt Lader. This one is just plain fun. It’s not a real CLEP prep but by going through the lessons, you WILL learn a lot about American History. I especially like the timelines as it helps me grasp the sequence of events that took place. It gives web sites links to research and provides projects to do that will help you “cement” it in your brain! It was written for secondary school but I found it very helpful. It covers the complete course, so you will only need to pick out the chapters that are relevant. 

I am also using Instant Cert which costs $20 per month. You can study as many subjects as you like while paying the $20. Although it doesn’t cover every topic, it helped me to learn the topics it did cover and is well worth the money.



  1. Thanks Cindy, for the information! This is exactly what I needed for my boys! (And myself!)

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