Posted by: Cindy Downes | May 22, 2008

Home School College?

An article from explains how more and more people are “homeschooling” college by taking courses online. Actually, I can see “home schooling” college as becoming an alternative for many, especially with the high cost of transportation!

You can also save time and money by “home schooling” classes using CLEP tests. There are 34 subjects you can “skip out” on and it only costs $65-$85 per class! Compare that with tuition and books at your college of choice! I wish I had tried this sooner – I would have saved myself some time and money!

(Note: Be sure to contact your college to see which CLEP tests they accept. I am currently going to a junior college and a four-year college and one accepts the Computer CLEP and the other doesn’t. Go figure!)




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