Posted by: Cindy Downes | June 1, 2008

American Government – CLEP Test Preparation

My final project this summer is to CLEP out of American Government. Here are the resources I am using to do this:

American Government and Politics Today – Online Study Guide for Textbook of Same Title – 2006-2007 edition. This one is up-to-date!

Cliffs U.S. Government and Politics by Paul Soifer. There is not currently a CLEP study guide for American Government, but this AP Guide is excellent. It also has quizzes; however, the AP test calls for essay questions that you won’t have on the CLEP.

Our Living Constitution Then and Now. This book is for middle school, but I found it invaluable in studying the U.S. Constitution. The format is set up so that you read a portion of the Constitution and then it helps you to understand what it means. There are also worksheets which would be helpful for those in secondary school. I did not use those. 

Politics in America – Textbook, Student Study Guide and Quizzes (2004). Somewhat out of date but of some value.

I am also viewing the Annenberg videos.

Finally, though not necessary, The Spirit of 1787: The Making of Our Constitution by Milton Lomask was a delightful, informative read that puts you “inside the heads” of the founding fathers.

Oh, and of course, InstantCert.


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