Posted by: Cindy Downes | June 5, 2008

I Passed My Last CLEP!

I took my last CLEP today – American Government. I AM SO EXCITED! Now, all I have to do is fill out my paperwork and I’ll have my Associates Degree!

Those CLEP tests are great! In one month (two days ago), I completed three classes or nine credit hours. Here is a comparison of my costs:

Classes at TCC:

Tuition: $262 x 3 = $786 (If I were going to OSU for these, it would be $1800)
Textbooks: 120 x 3 = 360
Gasoline: ??LOTS! I drive 18 miles one way!  4 days/wk, 16 wks = 64 round trips x 36 mi = 2304 miles; /20 mpg = 115 gal x 4 = $460
Food – 64 days x $8 = $512

TOTAL: $2118 TCC ; $3132 OSU

Taking CLEP Tests instead:

InstantCert fees – $20 (They graciously refunded my second month fee that was deducted two days ago – not many places would do this. They usually say “tough beans!”)
Study Guides – $50
CLEP Testing Fees – $195 ($65 x 3) in testing fees
3 trips of gas – about 120 miles – 20mpg = 6 gal x 4 = $24

Total: $289

Savings: $1829 – $2843 !!!!

I think I’ll take a vacation on my savings!

NOTE on InstantCert: It’s kind of hard to find where to cancel your subscription. I sent them an email before I found the form online to cancel. You have to log in, go to members home page, and then select “Contact Us” from the menu. There you will find the form to cancel.



  1. Congratulations on your achievement!!

    Do you think using the study guides with homeschool curriculum in the high school years would benefit a student?

    Again, great job! You have inspired me.

  2. Great job! Iam about to take my first CLEP. American Government. I’m a single mom and can’t really afford the study guides. What do you suggest? Thanks, Sherrie

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