Posted by: Cindy Downes | August 17, 2008

College Reading

I am doing some preliminary reading to get ready for college:

Online Newsgathering: Research and Reporting for Journalism by Stephen Quinn and Stephen Lamble. This is the most current book I could find on the subject – published in 2008. It’s pretty good too! It talks about how the Internet is changing, how to generate news stories using the internet, how blogs can be used as a newsgathering tool, how to use other searches besides Google, how to evaluate the quality on information on the Internet, using CAR to help develop a beat, and suggested links for journalists. I’m only on Chapter 7, but I am finding it VERY helpful.

Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples; revised by Fred Hahn, 5th edition. I just started this one. According to the back cover, this is the “Bible” of proven advertising techniques and this edition has been revised to “reflect today’s competitive marketplace.” It covers testing, headlines that attract, direct mail, how to write copy, mass-market audiences, layouts and illustrations, and making small ads pay. I just finished Chapter 2 on headlines He gave three classes of successful headlines: (1) self-interest, (2) News, and (3) Curiosity and explained how each worked with examples. I think I am going to like this book. 


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