Posted by: Cindy Downes | October 11, 2008

I love my PR classes!

I am taking two PR classes and I find these quite fun! Hard, but fun! I enjoy the reading, the case studies, and the writing assignment. Next week we are going to do a complete media kit for our midterm exam. How fun is that! 

The case studies are interesting, too. We are learning about different companies who have had a PR crises and what they did about them. We had to do a powerpoint presentation explaining the case. My case was the Tylenol case in 1982 when cyanide was found in the capsules. 

I have an exam on Monday – don’t like the exam parts – I have to memorize facts as it is a short answer, as well as an essay test. I am just not good at memorizing facts any more. Another problem with waiting this long to get a degree!

I should do OK on the essay other than the fact that we have to write it by hand. I’m not very good at that either! My handwriting is terrible – too much dependence on the computer – and she counts off if she can’t read it! I’ll have to write slow. I hope I get it all finished!

I have another great teacher for my PR classes – Dr. Lori McKinnon. She is sweet, funny and very experienced in the work. She’s a good teacher. She expects a lot, but she’s fair and will help you when you need it. Another one I would recommend.

Only 1 year and 8 weeks left til I’m done! (If all goes as planned!)


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