Posted by: Cindy Downes | October 11, 2008

This week’s schedule

To give you an idea of what my schedule is like, here is my schedule for this week: 

Monday – I have a midterm exam in Public Relations Management. I also have to make appointment to do interviews for three upcoming news stories I have for my Reporting class.

Tuesday – I am interviewing Dr. Bin Liang for my live event article that is due on Friday. In Reporting, we are going to tour the Tulsa World newspaper. I will also be working on PR kit due for Midterm.

Wednesday – I have a AWC luncheon (Association of Women in Communication) and a doctor’s appointment with my husband and church. I’ll be working on press kit for PR midtern and news articles that are coming due. I have Bible Study on Wednesday night.

Thursday – I have a beat memo due and will continue working on Press kit and news articles. I have a current event quiz on Thursdays.

Friday – I am covering a live event at noon and have to have the article written and sent to the O’Colly by 4:00. I have a doctor appointment in the morning. I also have to do my bills and work on my business during the week, as well as grocery shop and spend some time with my husband.

Saturday – I have a wedding and will also be working on schoolwork. Try to fit some housework in too.

Sunday is church and lunch with my friends. I will probably work on something later in afternoon for an hour or two. So much for the Sabbath!

I try to read a little each night before I go to bed – something that is not school work. Usually, I’m so tired I fall asleep within a few minutes! So my late night reading is usually something fun and easy like a cozy mystery. I am reading a bit of Origen by Joseph Trigg as I can fit it in. 

And I’m only taking three classes! How did I ever do that internship which was 10 hours a week? No wonder I was stressed.

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