Posted by: Cindy Downes | November 3, 2008


I went to my advisor last week and I have only one thing to say: Don’t trust advisors! I have had a different advisor almost every semester I have been enrolled at OSU-Tulsa. Each one tells me something different. This last time, I spent one grueling hour thinking I had taken the wrong classes and would not graduate on time. This advisor said that I needed another math class, history class and marketing class. I went in with a plan created by other advisors and came out with nothing but questions. I’m still not sure if it’s right.

Since I am only nine classes away from graduation (including the three I am taking now), I am concerned that I am getting the right information. I don’t want to have to spend more time and money than I should.  

I asked her to send my degree audit to the powers to be and double check on it. I’ll let you know what happens. Meanwhile, I’m steaming.

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