Posted by: Cindy Downes | November 6, 2008

Profile Story

This week’s homework included writing a profile story and creating a newsletter for an organization.

For the profile story, I interviewed one of the library staff about her involvement with Dog Therapy. That was fun and interesting!

For the newsletter, I had to analyze several PR pieces from several organizations. Then I had to create a brochure, newsletter or Web site for an organization that needed help with their PR. I chose the newsletter. I love making newsletters so this was super fun for me. I used the Mac Pages software which made creating the newsletter template a snap. 

I’m not getting all A’s so far this semester, but I am learning a lot and enjoying my teachers and classes. I’m discovering writing and research resources I didn’t know before. I’m getting ideas for stories I can write. I’m learning to tighten up my writing and use better grammar, too. I’ll be able to use all I am learning in my freelance writing when I’m finished school, whether I take a job or not. This has been well worth the money and time.


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