Posted by: Cindy Downes | January 15, 2009


You can now buy your textbooks as ebooks! The advantage is that they are somewhat cheaper and that you can search the text. I would love this for my law course! The disadvantage is that you only can keep it for 180 days, and you cannot resell it to get your money back. 


Here’s an example using my Media Law Book, Mass Media Law 2009/2010 Edition by Don Pember:

Course Smart: $54.75 (e-book) lists Amazon as the cheapest price on the print version:

Amazon: $95.00 new; $60 used (currently)

Personally, I’d go with the used Amazon book for $60! I’ll be able to resell it for at least $40 or $50 at the end of the semester if I want to. However, the temptation is still there to have a searchable copy. I wonder if I could rationalize buying both?


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