Posted by: Cindy Downes | March 9, 2009

Schedule Changes

OK, I gave in and changed my schedule for my last semester already! Maggie, a classmate of mine, sent me a copy of the syllabus for the feature writing class. I’m convinced – I do NOT want to take that course.

For one thing, the course  catalog describes titles it as “Feature Writing for Newspapers and Magazines.” That’s what got my attention. I was interested in the magazine part. It states that it will cover, “Newspaper features and special articles for general circulation magazines, business and trade journals; sources, materials, markets and other factors pertinent to nonfiction writing. The syllabus, however, specifically states that it is completely news feature writing! The course consists of writing four feature articles for newspapers.

I was really disappointed that it only covers news writing AND to make matters worse, the teacher assigns the topics. If I were going to be a reporter, I would make myself take it. But I’m not, so I dropped it. 

Instead I’m taking another class on campus – Integrated Marketing Communications. I will have to drive to the OSU-Tulsa campus again, but I really enjoy Dr. McKinnon’s classes so it will be worth it. She makes the classes practical. I will be able to use what I learn in her class because she makes you actually do the work – not just read about it. Although I’m not really too interested in going into public relations as a profession, I can use much of this in my own career goals.

The course is described as integrating advertising, public relations, direct marketing and sales promotion into an effective campaign. That sounds interesting to me!

I’m disappointed that I will not be able to finish this summer, but I’m grateful that OSU has offered enough courses on campus and online that I can finish without going to Stillwater.

I’m counting down the days to graduation in December – 277 days! (There’s an app for that! It’s called Days Until)


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