Posted by: Cindy Downes | May 6, 2009

Career Counseling Part II

OSU-Tulsa has a gem in their career counseling department – Patti Schmigle. She has been so helpful and encouraging that I am actually looking forward to job hunting! 

Today, we went over the results of my assessments. As she explained it, I am an ENTJ according to the personality test.

  • E means I am an extravert, although my scores reveal than I am almost even in this area – both an introvert and an extrovert.
  • N means I am Intuitive rather than sensing, although here again I scored nearly the same in each.
  • T means I am more thinking than feeling and the difference between these two was significant.
  • J means I am more judging than perceiving, and here the difference was extreme. I have very little perceiving characteristics. 

ENTJ’s represent approximately 3%-5% of the American population, so I am unique – who knew?!

We went over the strengths and weaknesses of each and I can see that the test accurately described my personality. Although I am working on my weaknesses, I definitely show signs of the flaws as well as the strengths!

Over the past two days, I have been looking through career descriptions that fill my personality type, my skills, and my work values. This has been extremely helpful. I found that although I want to be helpful to others, my goal-oriented personality makes it difficult for me to help those who don’t make changes “according to schedule!” I lose interest if progress is not made. Now I know why I don’t make a good counselor or teacher! Even though I’ve had an interest in being a program coordinator at a nursing home or teacher at a school, this is not the type of job I would be happy in for the long term. 

Instead, according to the results, I need to look for a position where I can:

  • Be a leader while interacting with a variety of people on a variety of projects throughout the day.
  • Have a competitive and challenging environment where advancements are available and promotions given on the basis of demonstrated merit and competence.
  • Have the opportunity to do long range planning and develop strategies that will perfect or improve the efficiency of systems.
  • Have an environment where I am respected for my contribution of ideas and actions, and where I am evaluated and compensated in a fair and consistent manner.

The six occupations that I selected to focus on are:

  • Writer and Author (no surprise here!)
  • Copy Writer
  • Reporters and Correspondent
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Advertising and Promotions Manager

My next assignment is to register with the Hire OSU Grads system and monitor the jobs that are available in those career fields. The goal is to see what types of jobs are available in those fields. 

I am also to study materials she gave me on resume writing and write a resume draft. OSU-Tulsa provides its students with business cards, resume paper, thank you notes, and even a leather folder. I don’t understand why all the students don’t take advantage of this program!

I’ll meet with Patti again after I am finished my intercession class this month. Lots of homework to do in the meantime!  

If you haven’t gone to your career counselor yet, do it today! Apparently now is the time to start this process for December graduation!

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