Posted by: Cindy Downes | August 28, 2009

Good Public Relations

I previously wrote about a bad experience I had at Target and what I consider bad PR practices. Today, I want to tell you about a good experience I had at Reasors Foods that demonstrated great PR practices.

About a week and a half ago, I bought a pound of white American cheese from the deli counter at Reasors. This week, I decided to make scrambled eggs with cheese in them, using the American cheese. As I was breaking the cheese up in pieces and putting it in the egg mixture, I kept smelling a rather strong smell. Finally, I tasted a piece of the cheese – it was horseradish flavored! Not a great combination – eggs and horseradish. Disappointed, I threw the eggs and the pound of cheese out and started over with a fresh batch of eggs and no cheese.

Then yesterday, I went back to Reasors to buy another pound of white American cheese. I told the clerk behind the deli counter my experience and she recommended that bring in the receipt to get my money back. I had already thrown away the receipt so that was not an option.

She finished bagging my cheese and then marked NC (for no charge) in big, black letters on the package! I was surprised and delighted. I didn’t expect her to do this as I didn’t have a receipt. But she took the initiative to go ahead and give me the $5.00 worth of cheese anyway.

Now, do you see why I shop at Reasors?! It’s because they know how to give great customer service! Obviously, they know how important good PR is. They may not have everything I want in the store, but I will continue to shop there for what they do have and tell all my friends about my good experience.


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