Posted by: Cindy Downes | October 10, 2009

Jury Duty and Midterms

This has been an interest past few weeks. Not only did I have Midterms, but I was called up for jury duty – first time in my almost 60 years! I thought I was never going to get called.

The first day was boring – we sat around and sat around and finally got administered the oath of office. By then it was lunch time. After lunch, some of us got called to a case. The rest of us spent the day getting to know each other.

Finally, at 4:00, I got called to a criminal case. We were then excused to go home and come back at 9:00 the next day. I studied for my midterm, went to class, and came home and crashed.

The next morning, I reported to my judges chambers. We waited and waited and waited, until finally, at 9:00 a.m., they sent us back to the jury pool to wait. Apparently, they were making a deal with the defendant because at 11:00, we were told that our defendant pled guilty and got 21 years for manufacturing meth. So, now I was back in the jury pool again!

I went to lunch, then spent the afternoon getting to know some more of my jury pool mates. Finally, at 4:00, we were excused for the rest of the week. The juries had all been picked and I wasn’t in any of them. So much for jury duty.


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